Thursday, 15 January 2009


Aw man, I found this cool site that got scans of every issue of the old Zoids comic from Marvel UK in the 80s. It used to be in the back few pages of Secret Wars and then Spiderman.

Back when I got into comics the first time round, we'd get Transformers, and then Secret Wars, Spiderman and Zoids and then GI Joe. A friend called Frog would bring round The Eagle every week too.

We sold most of them back in the 90s, some car boot sale when everyone was skint.

I think Zoids were my favourites, the most cultish and nichest of all of them cos it was just a UK think until the Japanese manga version came out. According to Wikipedia, Zoids was one of the first ventures of legendary comic writer Grant Morrison.

Check out the first story in this series here, talk about bleak.

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