Thursday, 24 January 2008

*Shrugs* What can I do?

Another twenty or so days have past since I last ventured to post here, we're down from the heady heights of 40 hits a day to the more desperate 10 hits. I'm guessing its just bots, rather than anyone with any genuine interest in my life.

I've been to seven gigs this year already, all half-arsed documented over on since I started writing these things I've been to 150 gigs, maybe two a week, not so much an obsession, but it gets me out of the house, increases the chances of me meeting and interacting with other human beings.

At it's quickest it takes me five minutes to draw a picture of a naked chick for my site, just a brief excursion into pretending I'm an artist. You can only wank so much until your chuffing chalk-dust, but on a good evening I can churn out half a does aesthetic works and make the world just 600square centimeters a more beautiful place.

The site got picked up by some Chilian websnacking site

Which according to google/translate says

I do not know how well the idea of following blog, but apparently the friend who is devoted to upload all these things he has a pretty boring life in the office because it happens all day drawing naked women in the famous post-it and then share it with the world. It seems the friend talent, and it shows that loves the tale of erotic drawings in time to get down to work in the Department of Accounting. And I tell you who believe in this regard, to see if any are encouraged to share his collection of sculptures with scotch, or any huevada well.

I'm not quite sure how to take that. But what can I do to enrich my life? Do less?

The naked chicks thing has been going for nine months now, only three months left then I'll call it a day.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

You wait... time passes

See what I did there with the title of the post, I referred to text adventure computer games from twenty years ago. I know, its crazy, I was there, that sort of thing passed for entertainment.

So, since I stopped posting on this blog in the middle of December, webtraffic here has remained surprisingly constant, well, maybe picking up a wee bit into the new year. About the same proportion of regular readers and new random folk search for the answers to the Facebook IQ test.

I'm not sure how I feel about the same people checking almost every day for some batshit crazy amount of time, possibly in the vague hope I'll have posted again, wondering what I'm up to, but not quite enough to actually get in touch by any of the usual means of communication (Forums, Facebook, blog comments, MSN messages, email, MySpace, phonecall, pub, coffee, party, gig). Maybe they're bots, but surely just subscribing to the RSS feed is easier and more effective. Maybe it is easier and more effective to subscribe to RSS and what I'm seeing on statcounter is just a proportion of the folk who check the blog, the RSS folk being hidden. Crazy shit, I know.

I was going to post here a list of the regulars, and who I think they are in real life, but I have the fear, that the girl I loved isn't who I think the IP address is, and it'll just make me look silly when she comes storming in demanding to know what I'm talking about, and I'll have to pull a 'fuck that shit' escape clause.

It doesn't quite answer the question of what I've been up to though, what emotional rollercoaster ride and depth of depression I've been ploughing. But don't worry, the answer is out there.

Its not so much attention seeking, just tracking attention and getting a warm fuzzy feeling of self-validation when the bell rings and someone reads this blog or any other website I've created. This site gets about as many hits as the gig review website, thirty a day, sometimes it gets twenty, thats a bad day and some times it gets fifty, that's a good day, someone cares enough to type in the address, or someone is tempted enough to click a link. However, my erotic art site, Naked Chicks on Post It Notes, buries all this, with thousands of hits a day. Thousands of people click on the link, or type in the address of something I've created. Its going to hit quarter of million pageviews on Wednesday, compare that to your favourite band's myspace page. Its self-perpetuating, I get a hard-on seeing the hit stats, which leads me to draw more pictures of naked chicks on post-it notes, which in turn gets more hits.

Its not my blog though, those thousands of hits don't give a crap about me, they just want porn under the fluffy acceptable label of quirky erotic art. Still people like pictures, so for an update of what I've been up to, who's been pissing me off on the internet and in real life, try this site, ill theatre, which takes the sort of shit I write about here, but presents it in garishly coloured post-it note pictures.
ill theatre banner
Subscribe to its RSS feed, leave comments, invite me out for coffee or to the pub.

Post links to it on your own websites or favourite social networks, tell your friends about it.