Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Big Mac in three bites

A couple of days back I stumbled upon a tweet from Rax Lakhani linking to this, some girl trying to eat a Big Mac in four bites.
She managed it, and as is my way, I have to do one better, hence eating a Big Mac in three bites...

  • I was almost sick
  • Its the first few chews that are the hardest
  • The secret is cramming in as much as possible
  • I didn't try hard enough

Ooh, the day 5 challenge was to make an origami animal, which gives me a easy opportunity to roll out my video of doing one better, making two origami animals


  1. Hi Chris,

    It doesn't look like you succeeded... but nice try.

    This is briliant, it's going to make her supercompetitive and I look forward to this clash of the titans to see who will be the best challenger.

  2. Chris!

    Nice try, my son. i think you could easily have nailed in 4.

    My original challenge to @TweetYear was done tongue-in-cheek but she replaced the tongue with beef, lettuce, sesame seed and ketchup and made good.

    What's next for you? Some kind of Marmite challenge, me thinks...

    *I'm lovin' it*