Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thick Creamy Podcast 29-06-2013

Here's the twentieth Thick Creamy Podcast, two and a half bands recorded live from the Big Pink Cake night at The Betsey Trotwood in London.

The podcast features tracks from Fireworks, Flowers and Fever Dream.

Flowers at The Betsey Trotwood
in a more introspective moment
Sadly I missed most of the first band of the night, Young Romance, I was stuck in traffic around Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters Road, where there is a Transport for London scheme to improve the road layout. Its quite a big civil engineering job and will take about eighteen months to finish.

So when we rolled up at The Betsey, The Fireworks were just finishing up, I only caught the last minute of their set. They sounded awesome.

The thirdish act were were Flowers, who were even more awesome than usual.

The final act of the night were Fever Dream, who I'd last seen at the Tipsy Bar eight months ago, and then before that at The Windmill.

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