Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Shit shit shit

According to the interective crime maps recently released by the police, in my sub-borough there's about one car stolen a month, or less. If I leave my car unlocked there is sod all chance of being stolen.

I got a parking ticket this morning. I so can't afford to pay it.

Five months ago I paid for a parking permit from Camden Council. But they put a parking suspension thing in place and everyone on the street got a parking ticket.

Apparently they'd put up notification notices, but I didn't see it, and now I have to pay £60 or £120.

I counted five cars with tickets when I left the house this morning and the ticket guy still going strong. Let's say he'd zapped eight cars. So in my street, you're eight times more likely to get a parking ticket than you are to have your car stolen.

They have my address, I gave them it when I applied for the parking permit. Could they no have sent me a letter about the parking suspension?

So, not only am I unable to pay my rent, but I have to pay the council £60 cos I left my car in the same place I usually leave my car every day outside my house.

Hmm, if my Job Seekers Allowance comes through, that's about £55 a week, slightly less that the parking fine. Does the money all circulate from the same council pot?

Hmph, there's a removal van parked where my car was.
Rape me for parking
Shouldn't Abels be paying me for the inconvenence, and will they pay my parking fine for me?

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  1. Bring it over at the weekend & let me have a look. I've never paid a parking ticket yet - there's always a loophole!

    PS - when are you coming?