Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Advert as news stories #29

I know its the pinnacle of PR to get some gimmick featured on the news as a story. But is ESTATE AGENT TRIES GIMMICK really a good use of anyone's bandwidth?

(Insert generic rant about liscence fee payer's money)

They actually interviewed some real life teenagers! Who confessed to knocking over an ashtray last week! Its almost like that Brass Eye sketch where teenagers would sell ideas to roving film crews, "Yeah, someone pissed in the lift last week, it still smells."

I'm never going to make it in the world of PR and marketing, this sort of thing just makes me click, rant and switch off.

Ye gods, I watched Nathan Barley for the first time the other day. There's that episode where Dan Ashcroft has to write the article about the photographer who takes photies of celebrities pissing, but all I could think of was this round of articles I've seen lately in real life about an exhibition of photies of discarded bananas on the streets on London.

(Insert rant about the fall of civilisation when polished shit is raised to high art)

This is how the Roman Empire fell.

Oh, hang on, there's a goth at the front door. More later.


  1. You deride the discarding of bananas across London as art, but let me tell you a story.

    Years ago, when I first moved here, I had a job interview on the Strand. I was rushing a bit as I'm always late, and one minute I'm striding past a bunch of tourists; the next I'm flat on my arse in a £180 suit.

    The reason? A banana skin. Or, to be more exact, a half-eaten banana, discarded face-down. Usually when people fall over (myself included) they look around urgently to make sure nobody saw. I looked around, all right, but because I wanted to make sure everybody had - because I knew that if I'd just seen someone slip on a banana skin, which nobody believes happens in real life, it'd cheer up my entire day and I'd go home happy.

    Banana skins, man. Send THEM to Gaza.

  2. nono kitten, its the photography of discarded banana skins I deride.

    You never hear about people slipping on McDonalds packaging.