Saturday, 24 January 2009

Thoughts spinning round in my head, of things that she said

Ma heid's mince, mostly calling bullshit and 'fuck that shit'. This isn't the place to go into any detail, so instead I'm going to use my blog to list my plans and dreams.

You know sometimes on your CV you have a mission statement or career objective thing, when I first left uni mine said something along the lines of 'In ten years time I want to be the manufacturing manager of a small but internationally reknown manufacturing company in the electronics or consumer product sector', I thought it was quite sensible and wholesome. In the end it took me eight years to get there, and when I looked around, I was a bit crap, not as satisfying as I'd hoped.

So now, my dream is to be floating on an island I built myself out of plastic and garbage, floating around the north Pacific Gyre, with a couple of apple trees and a nice vegetable patch, maybe looking after a server farm for some internet company and trying out different solar panels in my energy farm. That's my dream.

Plans, they're more difficult, so much is beyond my control, but right now my plans are to record an album in February, go to the popfest at the end of February and in the summer go to indietracks. All quite acheivable.

A final thing about aspirations, not so much dreams but enough control to be a plan, T type problems I guess. I want to have a positive amount of money rather than live in debt, I want to get an average traffic to this site of more than 100 a day, and I want a relationship that lasts more then seven months.

Is that okay?


After discussing things and stuff with my brother, I think another aspiration would be to be in accomodation, whether its a house or a flat, or whatever, where I got to choose the type of central heating / hot water provision, immersion boiler, combi boiler, condensing boiler. I don't know what these things are, but it would be nice to have to find out and choose.

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