Friday, 2 January 2009


Am round at the old lady's, thinking I should be more creative and productive.

Top five most read posts on this blog in 2008 are:-

1. Advanced IQ test on Facebook
2. Palestinian land loss
3. In disguise
4. Vodka live-blogging
5. Bloggery meetup

Also creeping in at number six is that scenester scene post from the other day, which is pretty good progress for one so fresh. I guess its mainly cos its a list of search terms rather than cos folk read it. Anyhoo, I was looking to expand on that, I've loaded up the old database with another four promoters' worth of bands.

So, I'm sure you're wandering, how did this site do during 2008 on the statporn front?

Well, I only hooked it up to google analytics a few months band, so its hard to say accurately, but statcounter has it at:-

Pageloads : 10,126
Unique visitors : 7,614
First time visitors : 3,464
Returning visitors : 4,150

And how does this, I hear you ask, figure in the great scheme of blogging? Well, here's a wee table comparing my blog's stats with the ones I spend most of my days reading and writing (mine in bold):-

Pageviews Visits Absolute
Tim Worstall

Guido 7,847,505 5,872,586 958,639
Iain Dale 3,752,458 3,508,591 598,163
Naked Chicks on Post-It Notes 565,517 349,487 320,888
Englishman's Castle 419,187 321,161 234,100
Devils Kitchen 806,060 633,717 220,937
Last Night From Glasgow Indie Eyespy 11,624 8,324 7,244
ill and ancient 10,126 7,614 3,800

Thrilling stuff, I'm sure you'll agree.

Hmm, actually, looking at the stats for my ill theatre personal blog as a webcomic, that was getting well healthy traffic when I was regularly updating it. Bah, if only my graphics tablet worked on this wee thing, or if only my desktop 'puter had wifi and I spent more time at my flat.

Okay, plans for this new year:-
  • Generate more content, ie
    more graphs, more drawings, more spreadsheets, more smoothies
  • Stay in touch with friends from real life
  • Get some moo cards which actually have the blog address on them.

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  1. Ah, likewise for my post-it note pornsite, I wonder how prevalent these tabloid sites are.