Monday, 19 January 2009

Population pyramids in The Gaza Strip

So I've been following the conflict in Gaza quite closely. War and randomly killing innocent people is bad. And whilst I've naturally been tracking the body count over the 22 days of conflict (about 60 a day), I've also been building up a list of the names of dead from the news reports and various blogs, and where available, keeping a note of the ages of the dead.

So what we have below is a column graph of the ages of the fatalities. Its only about 10% of the total killed, but I guess its an accurate approximation of the complete picture.
The overwealming majority of the fatalities are between the ages of 17 and 25, men in the prime of their youth. What a waste.

On of the things we mustn't forget about the Gaza Strip is that the median age is just 17 (compared to around 38 for the US and UK) and the vast majority of the population are 'children' as can be seen from this population pyramid.

Its quite surprising that more children weren't killed if the slaughter was as indiscriminate as the media has tended to suggest.

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