Sunday, 4 January 2009

LNFGIES TV week 01

We were driving home and listening to whatever my iPod had on shuffle and the old lady asked me if there was a TV channel for obscure bands. I had a think and apart from that aborted NME TV thing nothing came to mind and even then if its on the NME's stereo, is it really obscure.

Anyhoo, I think what she was getting at was if there was a channel on TV for the bands that I was forcing her to listen to. My mind boggled. Is there enough footage out there, how much of it would I have to shoot myself at gigs and stuff? Would I ever get the mic volume on my digital camera sorted?

Well, starting with basics, this is a YouTube playlist of the bands playing the usual nights next weekend.

Is it good enough?

You've got
On Tuesday at the Wilmington Arms
On Wednesday at The Luminaire Courtesy of Track and Field
On Friday at The Luminaire courtesy of HDIF:-
Also on Friday at The Buffalo Bar courtesy of Twee As Fuck:-
and then on Saturday at The Buffalo Bar courtesy of Guided Missile:-

Hmm, it was only after I first started putting together the playlist and had done the weekend that I remembered Tuesday and Wednesday gigs, and when I tracked down videos from them, YouTube slings them on at the end of the playlist.

I'm new to this sort of then and I'm not sure if its possible to change the sequence of videos once the list has been created. Anyone got any idea about this?

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