Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Still on the job hunt trail

Getting a phonecall this morning about an interview wasn't enough, I gotta pound the streets.

Right now, I'm in my favourite bar in Camden, The Oh Bar. It is Camden's answer to The 13th Note and The Night and Day, even the barstaff look the same.

I was the only punter in until a chap popped in to drop off his CV, looking for a job.

I remember when I did that, '96 Manchester, schoolie in need of a job, I set off walking down the main road, stopping at every pub, asking if they had any vacancies until I got a job. The fifth place I came to was The Bridgewater in Worsley, a few days later I was a barman.

I fear I can't work as a barman now, too many years spent drinking and getting snobbish and pissed off with crap service.

Anyhoo, I want to pound the streets looking for a temp job. This ain't Glasgow where you can pop into Data and Secretarial People and walk out seconds later with a temp job for the summer.

There's a handful of agencies in this town, I'm signed up with them online, but its not the same as popping in every few days 'Hey Lauren, I was just passing, has anything come up?'

I've got a wee post it note with half a dozen agency office addresses, but they're all miles apart. As soon as I find a coffee shop with wifi that works, I'm going to lay out a google map with all of this town's agencies, so I can plan my route better.

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