Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Gazablog Roundup #3

Day three of me trying to go through blogs written in the Gaza Strip.

Whilst the rest of the world is trying to figure out whether two militants were killed in the bombing of the school and whether Hamas were using the site to fire mortars, the Gazan blogging scene doesn't shed much light on it.

Gaza Today has its usual rundown of Israeli strikes, I'm wondering if strikes against open spaces means that they were aiming at militants who got away.

Moments of Gaza reports that the lunch time truce / ceasefire provided a little bit of relief but they're still struggling to get water.

From Gaza has a summary of casualties and flags up Israelis using white phosphorus against civilians

Raising Yousuf and Nour has more on how the civilians used the three hour ceasefire and describes the scene in Rafah where the residents were told by the Israelis to leave their homes, but they have no where to go.

More about Rafah in Sunshine208 and photos of destroyed building and wreckage.

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