Friday, 16 January 2009

More fake charities

Another excellent post on Devil's Kitchen outing DrugScope for being a fake charity
Department of Health S64 Grant: £300,000

Other Government departments and EU: £710,629

Donations: £2,838

Just think of how much government spending could be cut by getting rid of charities that only exist to lobby government and only exist cos the government pay for them. That could be like 10p less on my tax bill. Can I have my money back?

And also the rather heart-warming news that recreational drug use has been falling over the last ten years for 16-24 year olds.

Some quality reporting from the BBC there.

Actually there was a thing on BoingBoing this morning that caught my eye:-
...dangerously high levels of salt, fat, sugar...

These are all substances that are vital to keep us fit and healthy, and a burger will never contain a 'dangerously' high level. Its almost like some people think that food is a conspiracy to kill us, rather than something that keeps us alive.

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