Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Continuous play on iTunes

Lazyweb, lazyweb,
Idlenet, idlenet,
Your help, I desire.

When I'm listening to music on iTunes, it no longer plays continuously. When I click on a track it plays that track and then just stops. When I click the shuffle button, and then play a tune, it just plays that one tune and doesn't go on to the next.

It's changed. It used to play continuous, shuffling from the end of one track to the start of the next. But I don't know what I've done, but it stops.

I want to seamlessly listen to Talulah Gosh and then The Supernaturals and then Frank Black, but no, it stops dead after "But please, please don't lie to me"

I thought I could fix this problem by installing iTunes 8, but this is doing the same thing.

I've clicked on the wee repeat all button at the bottom, but it just ignores my wishes, my desires to hear continuous music.

What have I done to deserve this. Is it because it knows I'm one of the Unemployable?

or cos I accidentally got honey on my keyboard?

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