Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Gazablog Roundup #1

Was discussing and arguing about the Gaza conflict with a chum, and it seems my views are quite jaundiced. I was trying to find twelve other things happening round the world that filling more people than the Gaza conflict, cholera in Zimbabwe at between 39 and 59 deaths per day was the only concrete thing in the news, but I reckon Ukrainians and Indians freezing to death, casualties in the Congo and Afghanistan, starvation or bad weather in China must be up there too, road death in the UK doesn't quite make it at only 8 per day.

Anyhoo, what came across is I had no appreciation of individual people in Gaza, trying to live their lives whilst all this crap goes on. CIA worldfact book is a bit vague, but they have mobile phones and broadband, so they ought to have some native bloggers out there, writing about their lives, maybe even writing in English.

After that business with the #gaza hashtag on Twitter and the way most of the Gaza geotagged photies on Flickr seem to be from a chap in NYC, I'm very scepticle of extrovert sites.

I'm looking for individuals blogging about their lives, not charities or supporters of the Palestinians, but under the current conditions its kind of difficult.

http://fromgaza.blogspot.com/ mostly reposts of the names of the dead and dying

http://gaza08.blogspot.com/ Terror all round as Israelis target families

http://ingaza.wordpress.com/ More dead and dying as hospitals are targetted

http://gazatoday.blogspot.com/ More death and the progress of the ground invasion

http://www.oxfam.org.uk/applications/blogs/pressoffice/ Oxfam getting blasted to buggery by the sound of things

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