Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Crikey, its another one of those days when the post it note website gets thousands of hits. (typo) has just launched a blog aggregator thing which tracks selection of prono blogs, rather than porn sites, and my site was one of the lucky ones.

I have no qualms about hijacking this huge increase in traffic to pimp the Plimptons's new video.

In other news, nothing much really, just abusing Facebook and messaging people from the distant and murky past.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

New Plimptons video

The video to The Plimptons Rock n Roll pt 3

Also known as Cupboard of Porn, this video is work safe, unlike my last go at it which was just porn. This one is based on a storyboard drawn by Adam J Smith, animated by myself. 75 individual post it notes frames of animation and a couple of recycled animated video clips.

The song is taken from their 2007 album Pomp, available on Amazon, and was named after Gary Glitter's Rock n Roll pt2
Crikey, Heaven is above your heid has a photie of Idles at IndieTracks. How come I can't get indiepop exposure like that for my stuff?

Ooh, hang on, I can

Monday, 29 October 2007

I'm Happy

This book arrived for me today

It seems to be incredibly intimate and personal, funny, touching and relevant. Oh, the human condition.

Flicking through it and thinking "thats me and Idles", "me in '99", "me and Rachel", "me in '95", "Didn't I write one like that?", before quickly passing it to Merhdad on my right so I didn't waste too much of my day.

Its the book of the blog Beautiful Revolution. Post Secret never quite worked for me, I always felt it was laughing at people, everyone interprets things differently, it brings strength to some. But A Beautiful Revolution was somehow more in tune with my thoughts.

Gah, more of these damned people visiting the blog from searching google about the IQ test thing.

Leanne's birthday today, got her something off of Amazon, maybe one day I'll get my bass guitar back.
Here, help me to pimp my video by digging it here

Sunday, 28 October 2007


Today I am mostly sat on my bed surfing the internet. Last night's failed attempt at watching all of Season 1 of Buffy resulted in the creation of this

74 post-it notes of an acquaintance in from Glasgow's music scene, why? Why not? Its kind of art and we all want to get into film somehow. Feel free to spread the video far and wide on every music and animation and arty website you happen to dabble in. I could become a professional post it note animator.

and I'm sure there was stuff I was to do today, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was. This evening there's some kind of Iranian Sufi rap gig I promised to go to.

There appears to be a quality podcast here, what you can download here if you're either interested in music or a Plimptons completeist. There's got to be a fan out there in the world who likes them other than me. I kind of make money out of them, I'm biased.

It plays heavily on my mind that over on The Plimps have over 5,000 listeners. Thats more than twice as many as their contempories, friends and new idols. But seem to me to be less popular, it can't all be cos of my marketing efforts? Can it? My powers are so worthless. On the other hand, they're doing better than this mob and they have devine lineage

This looks charming and unrelated.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Stephen Fry's Blog and MJ Hibbett's blog and song notes are joys to read and far far better than either watching TV, Buffy Season 1 DVDs or going to Halloween parties.

In this one, I was there on several occasions. When he went AWANDERING, I drove past him and thought to myself "That's MJ Hibbett", and in the evening was this Plimptons/Hibbett gig, possibly called Plimp Up Nights, then the next day we dragged the Hibb to the Plimp studio cos it'd be fun, and thence recorded the Hibbett Last night From Glasgow video webcasts.
This reminds me of Glasgow / Bowlie
I am Dr Samuel Beckett, a traveller through time, trying to right what was once wrong.

Natalie came down to visit London yesterday, we met up with Holly and went out, first to The king's Head, site of the 2005 Belle & Sebastain Lookin' back if yer feelin' Sinister Bowlie meet up thing as photied here

bowl 131

Before moving on to a club called The T Building. Rather jolly dance music with no vocals, we hadn't taken enough drugs so we just pretended to dance and made out.

Me and Natalie

Yeah, I know we broke up about three weeks ago. But that doesn't mean we can't still go out and have fun and things and stuff.

I am trying.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Aw man, this is the coolest thing ever.

I gotta start using it everywhere, religiously.

Theme guidelines are so the way forward in life.
Too much Danananana, I've lost half of my hearing, the top half, I can still make stuff out, but its pretty unpleasant, and most of the review is about Jax when I finally write it up.
Here, join me for some unpleasant Dananananaykroyd action

via Naked Chicks on Post It Notes

In other news, XKCD is a cracker today

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Lost Music Presents #6 069
More independent evidence I actually go to gigs here. (me hiding behind a microphone stand)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

This and That again

Slowly losing it again, the internet's down at the flat, so I'm resorting to makingmy own entertainment, like this video traced from stock footage.

Also working on a new Plimptons Rock n Roll Part 3 video, less porno than the last one, but I'll save it until its finished before hawking it out here.

I was manning a test machine at work when I got a call from my pa who I haven't heard from for weeks. Going out for dinner tonight, should be fun.

I gotta get me a woman, I need someone to keep me on the straight an narrow, someone to believe in and drive to.

Buffy Seasons 1 and 2 arrived on my desk today, should keep me busy at the weekend. How insane can I get watching every episode in one sitting?

Monday, 22 October 2007

Action and Adventure

On the underground, Central Line, coming back from Shoreditch on Saturday, there was dely and cancellations so the train was packed, I'd been standing for most of the journey people watching. It hink it was at White City, some sleepy oriental tourist laden with luggage realised that it was their stop and stumbled off the train afeard the doors would close and they'd be whisked away to Acton and beyond.

Someone who'd been sat opposite noticed she'd left her camera behind, they pointed it out to a friend and shrugged.

Instinct took over I left forward, picked up the camera case and thrust it out of the door, hollering "'scuse me" to the bewildered tourist. I got back in just as the doors closed and people nearby mutter about how that was very kind of me and stuff. But in my head I was in a nearby parallel universe.

I was Stockwell 2, now on the floor with bullets in my head, or it was a nail bomb, left by a befuddled extremist. It could have been anything rather than a camera, even a bog standard hand grenade stuffed into a camera case.

Whatever it was we would have been damned whether I handed it to its owner or not. But because I'm not living in an action movie or terrorist plot, one befuddled oriental tourist still has their holiday snaps thanks to me.
On Sunday I drove over to see my neice, frere and Lou, blazing sunshine and the radio in my car is locked, so instead of soothing Sunday daytime radio I was alone for two hours with my thoughts drifting. I'd had a dream last night that everything was forgotten or forgiven and it was kind of nice, so I was tempted to text half a dozen ex-girlfriends, asking if the wanted to go for a coffee and catch up and everything.

Luckily I'd remembered what they were capable of and came to my senses by the time I arrived.

Hmm Questionable Content this morning, I remember this happening a few times in Glasgow

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Ooh, too much drinking...

Staying in on Friday night, lending the laptop to a flatmate for work, so I just watched TV, and drank wine and discovered that I'd been spelling Thoe Jansen's name wrong for a while, and that using cellotape and post-it notes is never going to work.

However, I spent Satuday morning drawing for this, I think I've mastered the technique, not sure what The School will think of the full length version

And after seeing Axelle on Saturday afternoon, I returned home to watch rugby, drink rum and get confused between real life and a computer created reality

Friday, 19 October 2007

If you've come here from Digg expecting the personal blog of the other Chris Gilmour who makes sculptures out of cardboard, I'm sorry to disappoint, for he is not me.

But here, go back and digg this


Ma heid's failing, at work when I'm doing the more repetative tasks I'm drifting away into the past, into pacific lulls, Madrid, Toledo and Sevilla, parkland in Glasgow's night time southside and east side cinemas.

The crippling loneliness last night at a gig, I sat at a side in a half empty room, scribbling to no end. Its like I need to fill my evenings in a darkvaliant attempt, cinemas, gigs, bands, animation.

I've ordered a load of DVDs.

I'm going to watch all of Buffy, and then all of Angel and then all of Smallville, and all of 24 and all of Lost and all of Heros. It'll take me a while and it should kill off just a little of my urgency. But it needs to be done.

God bless DVD price deflation and Amazon.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

To stop it playing over and over in my heid, here's my wee cover of The Pipettes Your Kisses are Wasted on Me.

Ever since I heard on Saturday night its been in repeat on my internal jukebox or on my PC. Mine's a crappy version, but its got soul, or whatever I have that serves the same purpose, possibly a whiney voice.

The other one's stocks are up

This is not me.

Whilst my name is Chris Gilmour and I was born in 1978 in Manchester, and I have once been interntionally reknown for making sculptures out of paper, these days my portfolio is more diverse. Bands and gig reviews, manufacturing engineer in the high end audio industry, and erotic art on office stationary. I'm just struggling to get mainstream acceptance.

It was around last year when the otehr guy had a show in New York I tried to get in touch cos it would be interesting, but alas it never came through. Will I have to change my name or use a middle initial, like Richard E Grant, Mark E Smith... Chris D Gilmour?

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Oh dear god, Alien Fuck Predator cartoon
Yet another unsafe for work link
I just took an IQ test on Facebook (Thanks Rowan) and it seems I've got an IQ of 142, which is rather better than last time I took on and got an IQ of 76. It was when I was at uni and both drunk, and in conversation with Milo, I vaguely recall female distractions too.

So that gives me an average of 109, which is a bit more believeable, still better than average, but ought to lower people's expectations of me.

I cannot find new suppliers for all the parts for three products, create a link MRPII database and serial number history database from scratch with no experience of database creation and sit manning a production test at the same time.

For some reason this blog is getting loads of traffic from people looking for stuff on Google about teh Facebook IQ test.

There's 30 questions, and you'retimed for fifteen minutes. I took ten to do it, that's my strategy in these tests, do it as fast as you can. I got 28 out of 30. The two questions I didn't get were one's where I clicked "Don't know" cos I thought they were ambiguous or not enough information was provided.

The first one, as I remember, was where there were four coloured shapes, a circle, a triangle, a square and a hexagon, the colours were something like yellow, green, purple and light blue. Which was the odd one out? I couldn't say, but folk I've spoken to either the circle cos it has no corners, or the blue one cos its colour only has four letters. But I don't think either of these are good enough, what about the number of sides? There's not enough information to pick an odd one out.

The other one I didn't get was where there was a race, asking who came either second or third, I don't remember. You get told who came first and fifth, then the other runners, I'll call them B, C and D, you get told that B was faster then D and C finished before D So whilst D came fourth, there's not enough comparative information about B to C.

My brother on the otherhand got the same score as me, but did answer something for these two questions.

Its still just a fifteen minute IQ test on Facebook with 30 questions. Its not that accurate. If you care deeply about these things, but a book to test your IQ, and even then, IQ tests aren't very good at high IQs
Seperated at Birth?

New Marine Species Discovered in the Deeps of Celebes Sea

From TreeHugger

Jelly with ramon noodles

from My Science Project

From xkcd
I think this is how I've had at least 30% of my sexual encounters

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Finally, independent photographic evidence I'm in London

Theo Jansen

The boss at work showed me a video of Theo Jansen's mechanical animals at about 17:30 last night, so when I got home I set to work building my own.
Jansen 02
Admittedly post it notes aren't the best material, but there's a technique to getting them right

Monday, 15 October 2007

Hypem's new relaunch gimmick, is it irritating enough to repell people or do folk need the site enough to be blackmailed into pimping it?

I think the answer is probably

Links and moans

This is apparently a popular thing on the Facebook London Network, students wanting a 30% Oystercard discount. Several points...
Can they no just go to a university closer to where they live and walk?
Can they no just walk? Its not that far.
According to the event info section on the FaceBook profile, its a "Cause - Protest", I disagree, its not exactly a protest, its a petition.
I'm not a student, I work, can I have a 30% Oystercard discount too? Why not?

Elsewhere on the 'net...

here, I rather like the concept of the death of the newspaper not being the internet's fault, more likely the fault of too many information sources out there. On the underground there's three different free papers lying around The London Lite, The London Paper and The Metro. Actually they're not three different free papers, they're almost all exactly the same. Same news stories, same photos, same crap. None of them cover the gigs I go to or the news I'm interested in hearing.

Which is rather smugly why my gig review website is so good, cos it does cover the gigs I go to.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Crikey, I found a link from the wikipedia Bladerunner page to the Lockerbie Bombing page. Its traumatic reading, but two people briefly survived.

What do the people who found them feel?


Son of a bitch.I've always been concerned about the unicorn in Bladerunner, the origami one, it seemed a bit too easy or hard, there was something up anyway. Early eighties origami didn't have things like unicorns, to many points.

Look, you've got you head, your horn, your til and four legs, but your average bit of paper only has four corners and early eighties origami wasn't sophisticated enough to wrangle it.

So tonight I use the magic of the internet and find this, the instructions of how to make it, and that damned cnut Gaff uses two sodding bits of paper.

Video to follow.
God, its just the finger flexing frustration of being hemmed in by fate and events beyond yer own control. The huge sweep of emotions and fear.

I just want to get drunk and have a good time, just to let things go, I realise that I had that a lot of the time over the past few months, not right now though. I have duties, wee chunk of loyalty to friends and acquaintances. And through unfortunate chains of events I find myself walking home in London.

I could have doubled back and gone back into the MacBeth and played catchup with the drinking, hung out with The Joanses and whoever else, but no, I'd been knocked down a peg or two, the unsettling influence of chaos and events beyond my control had cast me out. And I walked and I walked.

Something about Old Street underground, how the East and North exits seemed to be sign posted the wrong way round. If you face north and turn right you should be facing East, but in Old Street its the other way round. This wrecked my sense of direction. So I wander down a wide street, not sure if I'm walking towards transcentral where I can get a bus home or whether I'm walking north or east which could be unpleasant. I don't really know what bus I can get.

By the time I reach Trafalgar Square I remember the N11 is about the only night bus that'll get me to Alperton.

Its 6am when I get in, and I wander what the hell happened to the night. The Just Joans were on stage, the band what I make CDs for in a half hearted attempt being a record label, one of the few bands who make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and all around me its warm and fuzzy, I could have loads to drink and everything wold be fine. And then it descended.

These things happen. Shit happens. And in the words of Idles, Fuck that Shit.

So excuse me while I wallow for a bit

What happened? A friend who I'd dragged along, on her first week after moving down to London gets her drink spiked, or had been acting weird all night, and its up to me to abandon my own plans and see her safely. God bless the small worldism of the internet, and good souls from the past, some chap called Ben and his friends sorted everything.

And me, I was left wandering.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Venn and Databases

Eeep, my two favouritest things in the world, Venn Diagrams and Databases, now, together at last.

Not sure if this is the same as setting up a relationship between my booking in table of serial numbers and my Warrant Card table of customer's products in Open Office. Are table "relationships" the same as "joins"?

In other new, after miss reading a post on the vegan thread I've found this mob who supply goat meat. Sounds interesting. They claim that 80% of the meat consumed in the world is goat, that can't be right, but I can't think of owt wrong with a nice goat steak.
Cracking review taking shape over on Last Night From glasgow Indie Eyespy, my idea of taking DrivenByBoredom style pictures really seems to be paying off.

Tonight the mighty Just Joans are playing their London debut show at Twee Ass-Fuck, at the MacBeth in Shoreditch. Should be jolly fun, Plimpto drummer Rowan is doing percussion for them, and Camera Obscura cover-star, internationally reknown artist and friend Katie Pope is doing vocal duties. Its should be special.

I'm not 100% sure what BlueDot is, but they seem to like my art site

Thursday, 11 October 2007

I think I went to school with this chap, and Sap's in the video glitching Vonn Trapp style. Might be worth checking out at St. Martins this weekend.

I wonder when my art is going to be recognised, or do I have to seel it first?

To Do List
1. Get frames from Ikea
2. Palm off the money making and selling to someone else
I'm really getting into this database business. At the moment I have ten different tables, and about four different part number lists, which I'll have to pull together later. I've mastered forms and sub-forms with wee nodules of SQL code, but I fear that generating reports could be a bit tricky.

I'm starting to suspect that using Open Office's database, whilst good for starting out into this new world, isn't going to cale well and I ought to be using MySQL. So can I export everything from OpenOffice to MySQL, and I mean everything, tables, forms and all, or will I only be able to export the tables and'll have to recreate all the relationships and forms?

At what point can I quit the database admin and management business and get back to manufacturing engineering?

Ooh, gigs tonight, with people and faces.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Eeeep, so after Sweden discovered my Post-It Notes, now there's a whole flurry of folk in California emailing each other about them. I wonder if they're porn starlets

** Update **
Looks like I've been featured in Thrillist, a stateside emailshot thing. Cool.

Elsewhere in the webdrawingosphere...

Bunny's take

on xkcd

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


So, the ever changing fortunes of my erotic art site, more properly known as Naked Chicks on Post-it Notes. The plan was to promote it as little as possible so it would survive flourish by its own merits rather than by me spamming.

So from its beginnings in May until the end of June it got very very few hits, around ten a day, mostly blogger randoms when I'd post new images.

But then when I started posting backlinks, tracking where I'd sketched the original from, I'd get reciprocating traffic. Fluffy Lychees did a post about the site which got me traffic of around a thousand hits a day for a while.

I'd emailed Indienudes about the site, and around the 20th July they put a link into their listings, about two scrolls down their first page, and by some typo, in size 36 text, so I hit the big time with 6,000 hits in a day.

Of course this didn't last long, with the attention trailing off slowly. It trailed off faster during August when I was moving house and didn't update the site at all. If there was nothing new, folk stopped coming back to check if there was anything new.

When I regained an internet connection and started posting again the site got picked up by Pussycalor in the middle of August, peaking at around 3,500 on the first day, and then few as my link drifted away from the front page.

Other smaller blogs would feature the site, which would give a few hundred hits before drifting away.

I'd emailed Fleshbot a couple of times, but it wasn't until last week that they covered it. Now I'd always ssumed that with Fleshbot, I'd get more traffic than ever before, but its seems no, maybe the same people had already seen the site. I got afew thousand over a few day, but it trailed off quickly.

Yesterday, Swedish links site included the link and we're getting a few hundred hits from that. I think I'm neglecting the international opportunities, Japan's a big market which remains untapped, but I dunno how to get in there.

Low power standby mode

Could you get a really low Energy Star thingi if your consumer electronics device, such as a hi-fi system had a battery powered standby mode.

So like there's this battery-powered sub-device within the product which detected the standby off command from a remote control and switches on the rest of the system, and also it has a clever battery low thingi so when its running out of juice, it switches on the device just enough to recharge its own battery.

Hmm, an IR receiver needs about 5V and 0.015A supply so that's 0.075Watts
A watch battery should do the job, it'd need a chunky relay or two to do the mains switching, and a bit of a capacitor for the charge, but shouldn't add more than £15 to the bom.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Gilmour's Log

22:58 5-Oct
London Underground

I head north, well, right now
I'm on the Circle Line, to Victoria, bogged
down with bags of CDs.. To my left a
clubber teaches a small child magic
tricks and I think of people I haven't
seen in London yet, friends from school
and the like.

I gotta start embracing this city
rather than surfing it.

Next weekend there's a four dayer
Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun of gigs and clubs
and its a crowd I can feel
comfortable with. Even Spiral Scratch,
with no bands, I think I can bring a

Can I sleep on the bus? Do I
need to write? No, I just need to

I have a regular audience here,
people who read everyday. Its kind of
reassuring. thanks

23:30 5-Oct
Victoria Coach Station

I'd forgotten
about the coach station. Usually Megabuses
go from the armpit of Victoria, but
now they go from the same place as all
the proper coaches. It nicer here, not
as chilly, with food shops that are
open, rather than closed or non-existant.

Last time I was here may have
been on the way back from LA with Alan
when we spent 12 hours waiting on the
next bus. Hmm, this sounds familiar
maybe that was the last but one time I
was here. Damned crap search funtion
on blogger.

I could swear the girl in front
is called Fiona friend of Cathouse Dave
and buddy of Paul Trainer, she hasn't
aged, probly someone else.

The driver's a big man.

I'm starting to need a wee.

Tomorrow morning's going to be exciting
* Kilt hire
* Wedding prezzie
* Birthday prezzie
* CD stock checking
* Roast vegetables
* Shave and a shower

I heard the new Just Joans songs
for the first time today. Bellshill Station
sung by Katie about a couple where
one moves to London and the other stys
in Scotland, fading. I'd be poignant if
it wasn't for the half dozen relationships
I've been in where the same happened.

This journey reminds me of
the inbetween days when I'd come down
at weekends for gigs. What happened
to that vibe I felt?

Was it the passing of time and the
passing of the first place. Was it me being
in London that made things happen? I
claim 7% responsibility. LNFGIES
ubiquity, and prolific posting, even the
rising profile of NCOPIN. I'm just one
more footsoldier, but one who won't
stop fighting.

Was Bunny 'berry? And is there
a, what's the word, faction, those folk
who haven't made it to the third place.

How many are like Robbie in a
sulk cos they weren't in the first wave.
Maybe that was a hipster / scenester
razor. The scene just drifts, but the
hipsters chase. And what of The Flyer?

Did this Indiepop Genocide actually
come to pass? I didn't do anything,
except post in my blog.

I saw Rosie the other week at
the Windmill and we just blethered,
I wouldn't stop talking, I need to do
that more.

07:55 6-Oct
Buchanan Bus Station
It was the most unpleasant journey
I've been on for many years. I ache all
over, my arse, my feet, my face, I
dozed fitfully, dreaming on I on a long bus
journey to Scotland, paralysed.

I realisenow I've left the Wedding
invitation in London, Alperton, on top
of y chest of drawers.

Six hours until the wedding, twenty seven
until this is all over.

My head, it aches.

I have an inch of cappucino left
when I realise I forgot to put any sugar in

Also I feel increasingly guilty
for starting every sentence with "I" and
just talking about myself.

10:39 6-Oct
Moss Bros

The missus was lounging with friends
from the night before, party detritus and
silken pyjamas.

I slumped in a chair, felt guilty
for not getting her a birthday present and mumbled

All the shops in town were closed as it
was too early. But now, with Nat's straight
vision, everything's shaping up okay.

St. Margaret's Church in Ardrie, aiming
for 1pm.

Other folk in Moss Bros getting fitted
for wedding gear and taking their time,
talking incessently, nervous maybe.

Is there any underlying cultura /
philosophical reason or meaning behind how
at weddings, women search high and low
for a dress, something unique, but
men hire, something generic.

12:20 6-Oct
Train to Airdrie

Where is Ardrie? Is it near New Lanark?
Where am I going?

Natalie's reading Empire Magazine, whilst
I scribble. Small child sat adjacent
keeps staring.

I'm exhausted.
11:00 7-Oct
Buchanan Bus Station

This is oblivion then. Natalie made me
a pack lunch, beef and mustard with
salad and possibly a pinch of lemon,
a packet of Pringles and a large bar
of chocolate. The sun's shining brightly,
London sunshine in glasgow.

The bus rocks as the driver slams
shut the luggage bay.

The wedding was fun, a long day,
but gentle when it got going, kind of
weird when everyone started singing
Happy Birthday for the missus

18:23 7-Oct
Watford Gap

This is the seventh level of heck of
oblivion. My guts are rotten from trapped
wind, my arse, I cannot feel it cos of
these seats. Some small child from the
Glasgow-Manc leg spilt a can of Irn-Bru
so everything that's touched the floor
is soaking. From the Manc-London
leg there've been girls chatting incessently
and yet again I have a seat it is
impossible to sleep in.

I reckon we're an hour and a half
out, I might still mke it to Bowl and
Sebastain. I may even be able to see
Monica Queen performing solo.

Boo to the Business World

It might soon be time to splash out on
and iPod and join the rest of the travelling race.

Its cold up here.

Friday, 5 October 2007

I finished the last of the CDs this morning, now I just have to figure way to pack them, I'm thinking socks.

Its all been a bit of a rush, at work and elsewhere. It was late last night I finihed filling in the insurance claim for my car, had a bit of trouble with the insurance company website, but hey ho.

In a brief moment of recklessness I've uploaded all my naked chick pictures onto flickr, some of them are really crap.

I haven't been to any gigs since last Sunday, Rolo Tomassi, an old messageboard buddy from back in the day, was playing in Hoxton on Wedneday, but I couldn't make it and tonight I'm going to have to give Lost Music a miss, cos I've got to get the Glasgow bus.

Saturday is the missus's birthday and Alan's Wedding, aw man, I still need to pick up presents.

I can't wait to roll into Bowl and Sebastian, everything'll be over and finally I can sleep, only 60 hours to go.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


During all the excitement on this blog over the past few days, my pictures of nude women drawn on office supplier website was getting fewer and fewer hit, and by lunch time today my personal blog was getting more hits than mainstream porn, so I was going to call it a day and post a message saying that that site would no longer be updated and that the pistures would go up as a job lot on etsy as soon as I could be arsed.

But no, Fleshbot has come to the rescue and done a post about my site. Now for those pure of heart and of mind, Fleshbot is to porn what Engadget is to technology, ie, the world's most popular blog on the subject. In all the world of internet porn there is no site which gets more traffic, and today, its directing some of that traffic in my direction.

So feeling strangely obliged not to make them look like chump, I'm having to draw more pictures. Hopefully after a week or so the fuss will die down and I can stop being a secret pornographer.


Fleshbot got my naked chicks!!!

Can't check what it says whilst I'm at work, but I've just had a thousand hits in an hour

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Weak as a kitten

I love the phrase "weak as a kitten". There's this oanel at the end of the original four part Transformers comic where the Autobots have defeated the Decepticons, but they're run out of fuel, Optimus Prime is down on his knees, and Buster Witwicky is pleading with him on some plot point. But the Autobots are helpless cos they're so weak. Then Shockwave appears and kills them all.

Anyhow over here in reality, this one time I was helping frere insulate his loft. It was tiring work, all wrapping in moon monkey outfits and face masks. After a few hours we couldn't even stand up and I was resorting to rolling around in the insulation, moaning. As weak as a kitten.

So last night, finally all my CD making kit was working and I was ploughing through them. But after the day's excitement I was as weak as a kitten by the time I gave up at 1am.

Its a busy day at work, we started early 6:30am and right know I'm so knackered I can't stand. I tried to earlier, but ended up on the floor, so I did some floor work.

Its going to be a long long day, we've got a container to unload at lunch time and at some point I have to walk to the garage to pick up my car.

I need a wheelchair.

Monday, 1 October 2007

What happened?

I dunno, you leave them alone for two months and they turn into a rather charming whimsical band singing songs about actors.
download tune here
Of course I preferred their earlier stuff, but no one else did.


Oh, woe is me.
  • No car (destroyed in accident at lunch time, in the repairery, but without authorisation from the insurance people so I have no conthingery car)
  • Printer knackered (service place said it was cheaper to buy a new one, then closed before I had a chance to buy)
  • Haven't eaten in over 24 hours (car accidents, too many houses and trying to buy printer)
  • No hotel booking for next weekend (been busy)
  • Only 40% of CDs burned and printed for the weekend (printer issues)
  • No easy way to transport the CDs to Scotland (travelling by bus / plane cos driving is killing me)
  • Credit card has stopped working (new credit car is untested)
  • No money (salary hasn't come through yet)
  • Haven't bought wedding present for this weekend
  • Haven't bought birthday present for this weekend

Fuck I hate being a failure, and I hate it when everything falls down.

  • Didn't get much work done at work today
  • Busy day for work tomorrow
  • Rachel telling people I'm stalking her
  • Threads accusing me of trying to download Bowlie
  • Bowlii dying a death
  • Some kind of 'saviour of Bowlie' responsibility being passed to me in a comment this morning
  • Unable to get to the other flat where I'm supposed to be flat-sitting
  • Neighbour of flat-sitting pace has reported my car to the police for causing an obstruction and trespass
  • Car still insured and registered to address in Glasgow (so all correspondance is 420 miles away)
  • I've been banned from YouTube (for posting the nuddy video)

Okay, there, I think that's everything written down, there's got to be a way to sort this.

Adam, you're going to have to handle whatever it is on the Plimp front yourself

Further descent

So I took my printer in to get serviced and my car got dinted.

Looks like I have to get a new printer too.

Damned frustrating. But hey ho.

I wonder why Humblebee and Crystalball have been kicked off Bowlii. Things aren't going well in the world.