Friday, 9 January 2009


I don't know what's up with me today, just out of sorts and kind of bored. I don't have the will to do any blog posty red hot excitiement action.

I flicked through the Gaza blogs, but well, they tire me and I'm not sure how authentic they are. In some corners of the blogosphere there are doubts about whether news stories coming out of Gaza are for real and the fog of war and all the confusion and propaganda from both sides. Maybe once they're infrastructure is back in place I can dig up some of the sorts of blogs I can believe in, but now, its all a mess.

I parsed a few more gig promotery mobs for my scenester scene series of posts, but it doesn't really change much and there's nowt much to show for it. Who cares anyway.

No smoothies for days now, I think most of my fruit has gone off or mouldy. I'm tempted to try making a chocolate one, but need more supplies in order to complete it.

Have vaguely tried commenting on more people's walls on Facebook, but still can't bring myself to reply to tweets on twitter. It was the other night at the Ryland Bouchard, Moustache of Insanity and Allo Darlin show, when Will and Elizabeth all smiled and said hi when I wandered in, but although my fondest memories of music festivals are of them on a train platform near Nottingham, I just don't naturally have the gregarious geniality. I smiled in return, felt awkward, broke off eye contact and hustled the missus to the bar. It took a good ten minutes of building up my nerve before I could wander over and say hi to Thor. What is it? Shyness? Fear? Innate loneliness? God knows.


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