Monday, 5 January 2009

Smoothie #3 - Kiwi pineapple grittie

Watching Buffy season three, up to the last disc now, after spending the morning checking jobs on, I don't click with any of them. I just can't see myself doing anything, I feel so unskilled and talentless.

Sure I have talents, but its like I was saying the other night, when I review gigs, if the barstaff are being dicks or some couple are being really distracting and making out, then that's what I'll write about and barely mention the band, but if I actually had to write gig reviews as a job for some music website, aw man, I'd be crap.

Right, I made another smoothie...

Kiwi pineapple grittie
1 slice of pineapple
2" value yoghurt
2 kiwi fruits
1 gob of honey

First, arrange your ingredients for photographic purposes.
Kiwi pineapple grittie 01

Chop the skinnish crusty bits of the pineapple and the kiwifruits and sling them into the mixing thing. Ooh, Ooh, hang on. It took me a white to figure this out, you gotta pour the yoghurt in first, then the chopped fruit, then pour in the gob of honey. If you put the honey in first, that's bad, it all stick to the sides of the jug and doesn't get blended properly. Likewise with icecubes, but they're not used in this one.
Kiwi pineapple grittie 02

Once everyone's out of the flat, at work, you can blend the smoothie as much as you like for as long as you like, making as much noise as you like.
Kiwi pineapple grittie 04

Alas, I misjudged the smoothieness of kiwifruit, those little guys are full of seeds and they just blend up gritty. It tastes all right, the honey really helps, but that seedy grittiness, that's just a bit bad.

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