Friday, 23 January 2009

Playing both sides

A few years back, during the crazy university days I went along to the National Union of Students conference in Blackpool, representing Strathclyde university where I was studying manufacturing engineering. I believe in the British manufacturing industry.

So at the conference when there was a debate about whether the NUS should campaign against British arms manufacturing, I remember standing speaking to a few thousand leftie students, defending those manufacturers, their jobs and what may have been my career.

Almost ten years later, there was a comment on this blog the other day from some organisation who are holding a demo outside a factory in Brighton which makes parts used in Israeli missile arrays. The organisation would be using the list of Gazan dead that I compiled on this blog.

I feel sorry for the guys in the factory who have to be subjected to it in just doing their job.

Back in Glasgow, one of the suppliers for the company I worked at also made armour plating for tanks. They made vital parts of the hi-fi products we made and it would be a real pain in the ass if a bunch of hippy peaceniks put them out of business.

Aw man, did I do that?

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