Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Job Centre Plus #2

I am at the Job Centre Plus for my signing on new claim interview thing.

I understand that I have to state what line of work I'm looking for, whilst my original career was 'manufacturing engineer', I need to come up with two others. Will 'data entry clerk' and 'music journalist' be okay and justifyable? Can I say full time blogger?

Is blogging a recognised profession? There's no money in it yet, and its kind of aself-employed sort of thing, like actor, consultant or whore.

Well not even like that cos you're not payed per job.

Still haven't made any money from this site, the only revenue stream is trying to sell that book at the bottom of the page.

Have now been waiting ten minutes here, there's about ten other people waiting. Only two have been called since I got here. There' about eight interviewers so does that mean the cycle time is 40 minutes?

Ooh, its a two stage system. One five-minute consultation to check details, then another wait until you get a consultation. Still the same mob in the waiting area.

There's an empty table in the middle, well, its got a motorcycle helmet on it. Maybe its a 'found art' piece representing the transience of unemployment, inspiring us to live our lives for ourselves, chosing the fast lane, overtaking the juggarnauts.

Maybe I should stick another book adverty thing in the side column of this site, for the post-it note art book.

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