Friday, 16 January 2009

Did we vote for this?

Exciting times in parliament yesterday as John McDonnell, MP for Hayes and Harlington in the Heathrow flightpath, picked up the mace. This is a neat thing MPs can do to show their contempt for parliament. It may have been scripted, but I think its neat that John was doing what his constituents voted him in for.

Its just a kind of shame that it doesn't matter.

The Labour Party are trying to make gains in the blogosphere with their LabourList blog, its a bit slow going compared to sites like order-order or Iain Dale. You get great swathes of 24 hour periods with no posts, and all comments are moderated. I think I'm addicted, I keep commenting, hoping for some kind of recognition and acceptance, please love me, but so far I have a 17% success rate.

I left a comment on the Heathrow story:-
Did the people of Hayes and Harlington vote for the wrong MP

But it didn't get through moderation. Bah.

Part of my on-going battle against things that go against democracy, like the way my flatmate tried to explain to me that everyone else in the flat had decided we were getting in new plates and cutlery and I owed them £8. Or how the police are getting taser guns and the people never voted for anything like that, and form 696 to regulate bands playing gigs in pubs, no one ever voted for that either.

We never got a choice in the matter.

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