Monday, 8 December 2008

Terror strikes

More terrifying things and stuff...

I'm just trying to change over my old T-mobile number to my Orange Blackberry, as per instructions left on this blog in the comments the other day.

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Whilst the folk at T-Mobile and Orange have been very helpful I'm still someone confused and disorientated. In my left hand I have my old T-mobile phone with its T-mobile sim card and half hour battery life, and in my right hand I have my funky Blackberry with its Orange simcard, week long battery life and its ability to email-to-blog with photies to strike terror into bands and English cities.

Some questions
  • So at what point do I ping out the sim card from my old phone and put it in my new phone?
  • Do I need to do this at all?
  • What about all the phone numbers stored in my old phone?
  • Do any of them really matter since I haven't phoned 95% of them in a long long time?
  • Should I just put out a facebook / twitter message saying I've long my phone, my new number is (actually same old number) and politely ask people to text me so I can harvest their numbers afresh?
  • Or should I scribble out by hand all the old contect numbers and add them to the new phone manually?
  • Should I just wait a few days and see what happened with the numbers?
  • Should I try phoning from each phone every hour or so and check what number shows up?
  • Why do I only think of one person when I imagine phoning up an old contacts?
  • Why is that person a big homo from university?
  • Am I gay?
  • Will this affect my relationship with the girl?
  • Can I sit on the Circle Line all day with my Blackberry and live-blog going round and round all day or doesn't the circle line work like that?

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