Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Losing on the job front

The more I read of PR for Dummies the ess I think that it is the career for me. Stnding in a room full of PR folk does not make one a PR person. I just don't get it, it makes me feel dirty.

Sure I appreciate its place and use in the world, but I'm just mentally on the wrong side of the equation. I can't quantify being able to do it.

Its like when Linn ran us all through the Briggs-Myer personality test, and for each type I couldn't decide which I was cos I could only think of examples of both.

On the PR front, I had a spectacularly successful website feted all over the world with thousands of unique hits a day, but have only been able to sell one copy of the tie-in book. I am in capable of selling stuff.

And with the mighty Joneses, I'm incapable of making the stuff I've actually sold. Its like some kind of mental block. You know that Vom Vorton song about leaving things until the last minute, apart from I leave things until about three months late.

I can't fulfill the PR role of getting other people to talk about things, I can only talk about stuff unto myself, usually in darkened rooms to a circle of three people. I'm just not that sticky when it comes to being a communicator. Its a personality trait, a flaw even, that's lost me so many people I was once so close to.

This is me, and its not good enough.

No response from Yellow Cat Recruitment
Not enough experience or language for We Are Social
No useful qualifications for JobCentrePlus

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