Wednesday, 24 December 2008


I am round at my niece's for Christmas, she's tucked away in bed, dreaming of father Christmas, and I'm watching TV with her ma and pa. Not sure where I read it, but one of my pop facts for parties about Ghostbusters is that Walter Peck doesn't blink. Look, I read it here on Empire.
Peck by name, peck by nature (although not quite so well-endowed in the peck department), William Atherton has just three scenes to leave his skid-mark as the Environmental Protection busybody sceptic. He does this in a record-breaking 0.87 seconds. It's hate at first cringe. While small-minded bureaucrats are instant Movie Jerk material, Atherton makes Peck so greasy that the dialogue appears to slide out of his mouth. After repeated viewings, it's also emerged that he doesn't blink. Not once.

Just watched it on UK Gold and counted him blinking three times.

Empire magazine = WRONG

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