Monday, 29 December 2008

Palestinian landloss upto 2007

There was a bit of a kerfuffle on the UK politicish blogosphere about this new offensive by Israel against Palestine in response to Hamas's offensive against Israel.

Bastard Old Holborn and Iain Dale and Devil's Kitchen

One of the points made was that Old Holborn's map wasn't so up to date, only going up to 2000, that's easily fixed with a quick trip over to wikipedia (image here) and the old ctrl+c ctrl+v and GIMPing it. Alas in the old days when I had a computer that my graphics tablet worked on, it would only take a few moments to do, but instead it took ages and even then, I got bored of trying to edit out all the roads and borders and matching the colours.

We're somewhat restricted by the resolution of the available data, but it sure looks like the West Bank territory has grow a bit since 2000.

Give 'em broadband, give 'em mobiles, and twitter and webcams and laptops and teach yourself SQL

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