Monday, 29 December 2008

Smoothie #1 - Ginger citrus lumpie

So ma dearest bought me a smoothie maker for Christmas, to get my vitamins, which was rather lucky cos I fell ill with the man flu a few hours later. Alas I was too ill to get to the shops to buy fruit to render. Luckily I somehow have a girlfriend who is generous, kind and forgiving, she came round bringing gifts of fruit and yoghurt, and even encouraged me to get over my fear of bananas and include on in my first ever self-made smoothie.

Anyhoo, its late at night and I needed more vitamins so I ventured forth into the world of smoothie making...

Ginger citrus lumpie
1 lemon
1 orange
1 hunk of ginger
1.5" of yoghurt

First, arrange your ingredients for photographic purposes.

Then chop the skin off the ginger and citrus things. My niece, following her progative to reject crust on bread, refers to fruit skin as crust, and assumes it extends to a depth of about 10mm. Me, I'm less precious about crusts and skin, and believe the fiber is character building, so you just roughly chop at the damn things.

Next pour about an inch and a half of yoghurt into the smoothie jar thing, sling the fruit and ginger, screw the spinny lid thing on and lock it on the smoothie maker base thing.

Then turn the switch up to the high setting and leave it doing its thing for about thirty seconds less than it needs.

And what you'll have is a decent amount of ginger and vitamins with the consistency of vomit, and bit of a kick to it. Its slow going to drink it, but its kind of healthy aye, and the missus swears by ginger for sorting out colds and flus.

Should have left the smoothie maker doing its thing for about thirty seconds longer to get rid of the lumps. This one's not a smoothie, its a lumpie.

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