Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Smoothie #2 - Cranbananberry smoo

Am finally watching that Hallam Foe movie that Hugh MacLeod was going on about. I think I've become more like him than I was when I first read about the film in 2006. That kind of awkwardness and relationship jeopardy, ach.

Anyhoo, I made another smoothie...

Cranbananberry smoo
1 banana
1/5 a packet of cranberries
2" of yoghurt

First, arrange your ingredients for photographic purposes.

Unzip the banana and sling it in the smoothie blending jar, empty out half the packet of cranberries and pour in 2" of yoghurt.

Screw on the blendery lid thing and blend for, god knows, two minutes maybe. It was late at night and its so loud, you know, you get that fear that its pissing off someone upstairs.

It tasted great, my natural revulsion to bananas was somewhat suppressed by the berries, but they didn't blend well, there were raisin sized bits still coming through. And I think I need to put more fluid in to make it smoother, and less porridgey.

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