Saturday, 27 December 2008

Peppa Pig in action

Aye, so yesterday I was moaning about not being able to animate these pics I'd taken of the wean's Peppa Pig classroom playset, and today I figured out how to do it, by shifting them onto my knackered old desktop, and using the various video and animation software there, then cos it doesnae have the internet, I shift the video back onto my wee netbook in order to sling online.

Your ears do not deceive you, there is no audio, cos well, its still a work in progress I guess, proof of concept rather than making a finished piece.

Was it worth all the hassle?

Probably not, but its done now, and can cease playing on my mind.

Hmm, is it just a half-arsed job to be self-defeating, to shoot myself in the foot, so I can limp back and claim failure, I should never have bothered?

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