Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Hi, this is my page collecting together all the animations I've done over the past few years.

Plimptons videos
Semi-naked chicks
Ones with nakedness

I've always been kind of interested in drawing, and my high tolerance for boredom is great for drawing animations. For the past few years I've been using the medium of post-it notes, but before that it was a matter of drawing on A4 and cropping.

Sometimes I'm not very good at drawing so some animations are based on someone else's sketches and storyboard and some animation are rotoscoped.

Its not really professional standard, but hey, I enjoy doing it.

Plimptons Videos

Jolly Top Hat - FEB-2006

Hog - MAR-2006

System Error - APR-2007

Rock n Roll Part 3 - OCT-2007

Semi-Naked Chicks

Its Vicky - OCT-2007

Jiggling boobs - NOV-2007

All I wanna do - OCT-2007

Betty Page - NOV-2007


Duncan from Dananananaykroyd - OCT-2007

Like Aha - JUL-2008

Day 1 - NOV-2008

Ones with nakedness

15 seconds - AUG-2008

First 15 secs post-it music video from Chris Gilmour on Vimeo.

Final Five - NOV-2008

The Final Five - The funniest videos are a click away


You may have noticed that the nakedness ones aren't on YouTube, you're not allowed nipples there. But its kind of strange, despite the ubiquity of YouTube, my videos get most viewers when they're on other video hosting sites. The last one there, on Metacafe, got ten thousand hits in about two weeks, compared to the most popular Plimptons video, Jolly Top Hat, on YouTube which has taken two years to get a third of that. Yeah, yeah, I know its the great crowd of porn surfers who'll watch anything, but I still got their eyeballs for a few moments. This one time I had an animation on mainstream porn video site, I don't remember if it was YouPorn or RedTube or something else, but the video clocked half a million hits in two days. Two days.

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