Thursday, 25 December 2008


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My niece has taken to saying 'bah' to things she doesn't like. Its refreshing to know she has a firm future in Human Resources.

Anyhoo, one of the many many presents she got for Christmas was the Peppa Pig classroom set, and in an idle five minutes whilst she was away having a tantrum upstairs, I had a wee play and made a wee stop motion animation thing.

Well, it works okay on my camera, you just have to press the advance button and its like the reincarnation of the Clangers. But alas, when I shifted them onto my pooter, I have no animation software. Windows Movie Maker could do it in a second, but here, I have nothing.

So instead I punted everything onto Flickr, losing the sequence of frames, but one day maybe I'll be able to sort it out.

As a slideshow, it doesn't quite work, but you get the idea.

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