Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I will pay £100 to the first person who can enable me to access my hotmail account.

Here's the problem:-

I forgot my password.

When I click the forgot password link it takes me to a page where it asks for my windows live id, this is my email address, it is, its the email account that I cannot access. On this page there is also a captcha box.

When I fill it in it takes me to another page where it only says it will send the reset password information to my email account.

The help link says that there should be options to send the password reset information another email address, but when I do it, this isn't the case.

Also the help link says that there should be an option to answer a secret question to access the password reset information, this option isn't there when I do it.

Its like I've locked myself out, they've changed the locks and put the new keys through the letterbox.

I was in Currys buying a new laptop to replace the broken one, when my phone rang, some job I applied to yesterday, offering me an interview tomorrow. They said they were emailing me the details of where and when, and the email would go to my hotmail account. That's why I so urgently need to access my email. and that's why I'm up for paying a vast sum of money to gain access.


  1. Phone them, say your laptop's broken and you can't get your email, and get the details over the phone.