Monday, 15 December 2008

In the Buff

Internet was down for most of the day so rather than venturing out to an intenret cafe or the job centre or something useful, I took the opportunity to work through season three of Buffy.

As you'll know, this season starts off with Buffy having run away from Sunnydale and the rest of the Scoobie Gang having to take over slaying duties. She soon returns and its business as usual, but with all the characters firmly established, they can get into their roles as teenagers doing teenage things, relationship turmoil and exams and stuff.
  • Buffy is having issues with Angel, they're not just friends, sometimes they almost make out and she's incapable of having relationships with normal people like Scott.
  • Joyce got drunk and pulled Rupert so now they just act awkwardly when Buffy's around.
  • Cordelia is going out with Xander, although they bicker often.
  • Willow is going out with Oz are they're all lovey dovey.
  • Spike got dumped by Drucella

Alas, one night Xander and Willow got all dressed up for the school prom and ended up snogging. So for an episode or two they kept it kind of secret, until Spike kidnapped them and locked them in the basement of the factory where he usually locks people up.
Oz and Cordelia go to recue them and stumble in just as they're making out. How embarrassing would that be?

A few moments later Cordelia falls down a hole and gets skewered on a steel pole.

Its kind of weird the way Faith flits in and out of the series. The spreadsheet says that 20% of the girls I've dated in the last ten years broadly look like her.

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