Monday, 15 December 2008

Taser stuff on the BBC

After watching the second disc of Buffy Season 3 today, I flicked over onto the Beeb and caught The One Show, a piece about the Police being issued with Tasers. 10,000 stun guns to be issued, 30,000 polis to be trained in their use.

As you know I have a bit of an interest in this sort of thing, I think its a bad idea.

They did have an interview with that diabetic chap who was tasered when he was unconscious.

They spoke to a high up police offical chap who thought the stun guns were a good idea, it would have been neat if the interviewy women asked him whether he thought tasering unconscious people was acceptable. I'm thinking, if that was carried out by specially trained armed polis, then rolling it out to an order of magnitude more cops, then how many tasering innocents incidents are going to be acceptable.

What number of incidents is acceptable?

I switched off when The One Show asked former Python Michael Palin, and singer/actress Bette Midler what they thought of the police being issued with tasers. That's taking the piss just a wee bit in what's quite a serious debate.

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