Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Working on animations

Today I am mostly working on drawing more animation frames. Its still incredibly slow going, just a second or two of video for every ten pictures, but its satisfying and passes the time.

Aref-Adib reckons that its a shame that all my animations only last between ten and thirty seconds and it ought to be a few minutes long to hold folk's attention. He's got a point, but after hours of labour I still feel the need to post the latest fruits on YouTube. If there's nothing to show for my labours, then its almost like I haven't done anything. Aye?

The videos from Window's Movie Maker are still really jerky, its a little annoying, but I want to avoid the hassle of setting the computer clock back to use an old version of Adobe Premier to do it until I'm got all three minutes worth. Are there any other free, easy to use and reliable bits of software that will string together still frames into a video clip?

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