Monday, 9 February 2009


Someone drove into my car. No damage, but a little bit unexpected. It wasn't an accident the chap intentionally nudged my car.

I was driving a ladyfriend to work and heading home, the traffic was stationary, near some post office depot in Cricklewood. We were stationary and the chap drove into me. I drove few yards forward and the traffic was stationary again and the chap got out to see how much damage he'd caused.

Going by the view in the wing mirror, he was satisfied there was nothing insurance companies should be involved with. I got over my procrastination and got out have look too. No damage, just two small bits of plastic membrane that had rubbed off his bumper.

He shouted something at me about keeping my eyes open, I shrugged, got back my car and drove off, whilst my ladyfriend scribbled down his registration number.

There was some story covered on the blogs a year or so ago about some driver who was cut up on a motorway, he got a mate who was a police officer to run the cutter's registration number and found out where he lived. The guy went round, caused a nuisance of himself, the cutter died of a heart attack and the policeman mate got away scot free.

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  1. should've leant over and taken a photie of him through your rear window. I've done this when someone is tailgateing at speed and it's amazing how quickly they back off.

    In fact, there's a product idea for you... check your emeither for further details