Thursday, 5 February 2009

25 Random things

Dear god, forgive me. I have been tagged twice now on the 25 random things meme that's been doing the rounds. Tagged by Miss Holly Marney of Glasgow, Scotland, and Miss Rebekah Savage of Brighton. A little surprised (and flattered) by the latter, must have been scraping the barrel or something, Holly on the other hand, I suspect she thinks of me night and day.

Just random things about me, right? Can I just type random letters? Personal stuff? Gah, I demand comments from this, or at least next time we meet in real like can I at least try not to look at me with that look you give dog-crap you've just stood in.

1. In 1997 I carved the chorus from The Stone Roses's 1992 hit 'I am the Ressurrection' into my arm using a stanley knife blade whilst drunk and thinking of some girl called Susan, when it gets really cold you can just make our the words on the white skin, and when I get a suntan too. There's a photo of it fresh somewhere online.

2. Although I tell people my favourite film is The Clue, I have my doubts. It could actually be Aliens.

3. Whenever I wandered into the factory in my last job, I saw all these products that they'd built piled up waiting to be tested and made a mental note that cos the test computer was the bottleneck, it was vital to always have the test machine manned, even at the expense of building stuff as quickly as possible. I never acted on this, and I feel this is why I was made redundant, and will never work in manufacturing again.

4. The third biggest highlight of my day yesterday was getting into a bicker with Will Straw whilst watching Lord Strathclyde and Frederick Forsyth on telly, cos I knew that mine and Will's fathers knew each other at university, I'd met Lord Strathclyde when I was at uni, and Frederick Forsyth once wrote me a letter urging me to get involved with politics.

5. If I don't get this list finished soon and get to the bank to transfer money from my credit card to my current account, the direct debit for my rent will push me over my overdraft limit and I'll be charged £25 per day until I resolve it.

7. The other day I started drawing an animation, it ended up being of the view spinning round my bedroom, and strikingly similar to one I did for a Plimps video in 2005.

8. Right now I'm wearing a T-shirt that in 2004 I wrote the word 'TEH' on and wore to the first Bowlie Alldayer. Subsequently I wrote 'WHO KILLED BOWLIE' on it and wore it to last year's final countdown bowlie alldayer. It currently has the words 'WHO KILLED BLUEVEINS?' written on it.

9. It makes me sad that people who I used to be so close to emotionally now live so nearby but refuse to meet me for a coffee, chat and catch up and stuff. I may have done things wrong in the past, but its just coffee.

10. For about 80% of the jobs I apply for on Reed, Hays and Monster, I don't bother writing anything for a covering letter, this is almost certainly why I still don't have a job.

12. Years ago, maybe 2003, on Bowlie there was a thread about how bowlie started, I started a conceit that it was just messages scrawled on a gig venue toilet door in Glasgow that were eventually ported to an online forum. It makes me immensely happy there is now a great swathe of grafitti about me on a gig venue toilet door in Glasgow.

13. I need a shave.

14. These random things are more like confessions and secrets than just random things, most of which you already know. This one day in Glasgow I got made redundant, spent the day drinking with friends, went to a gig, received a dose of emotional turmoil, drink a bottle of vodka, went round to an exgirlfriend's demanding a sympathy shag, drove to London, went to a Loves gig, saw MJ Hibbett, drove back to Glasgow and decided to move permanently to London. You knew that, right?

15. Rather than getting a job working for someone's business, there's got to be a way to start a new business using my existing skills and talents, but I doubt anyone would pay money for products made from knitted carrier bags.

16. When I look over the IP addresses of folk visiting this blog, my eyes are naturally drawn to any with the text '.dals.' There are quite a few different ones.

17. I really really like drawing graphs and tables based on data I've harvested myself.

18. I think all this anthropogenic climate change business is over-rated, we're ants on the earth, but we could do with living cleaner and treading more gently.

19. I'm jealous of gregarious people, and those who seem to manage to stay in touch with wide circles. I'm crap at staying in touch, I haven't spoken to flatmate Alan or flatmate Nick in ages and I love both of them more than I love any other men, except my family. On the other hand I actively try not to stay in touch with some people cos I'm worried that it might be considered stalking.

20. It took me months to figure out the lyrics to 'Ban Marriage', I think I'm going deaf sometimes, I can't hear lyrics against music, or when people talk to me and there are other noises. Its incredibly frustrating to have to ask 'say again' three times per sentence, it gets me angry.

21. I like food which has been prepared with love and affection and skill, with rich textures and flavours, but not quite enough to be bothered making it myself.

22. Haven't washed or showered today and am still wearing much the same clothes as yesterday.

23. Every single gig I've promoted myself has been an absolute failure, whilst most of the one's I've been vaguely involved with and not promoted have been quite successful. When loved one's suggest I shouldn't give up or I should try harder, I point out how successful I was at persuading them to come to gigs with me. My lack of success and skill in their area are also very frustrating.

24. I still haven't mailed off a copy of my book to Jef in Glasgow, I promised it weeks ago. Its just here next to my desk. Today I shall blame not having any envelopes.

25. My favourite year for music is 1992, almost twenty years ago. Its almost like I'm a teddy boy. I am an anachronism.

So who do I tag? Twenty-five people? Fuck. Can I include fictional and dead people?
Aref-Adib, Ian, Frere, Lou, Amelia, how many's that? Five? bah, Harry Flashman, Robert Earle, Grenville Roberts, Jeremy Slank, Will Straw, Lord Strathclyde, Frederick Forsyth, Zee, Rachel Pearson, Selenia, Aditi, Sam Prince, Ralf Little, Tim Burrows, Alco-Paul, Alan Paterson, Chris Haddad, Tom Sunter, Lisa MacAlevie, Joel Lorenz

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