Monday, 9 February 2009

Great Money Trick - Back to Front

Back in Glasgow there was a chap who sat near me at work called Joe, he was in a band called The Great Money Trick. They have a new album that available for free download and stuff on Last FM here.

Its called Back to Front, there's six tracks
  • Hanging around
  • Something about nothing
  • You know we know
  • Rings around you
  • No rules yet
  • Same old shoes free

I think musically they occupy similar space to My Sad Captains, but with better soaring lead guitar.

Hanging Around is very BMX Banditsish, they all know each other, these Scottish bands, right? Something About Nothing sounds most like the earlier material from their Country Pop EP, and the guitar reminds me of MJ Hibbett's It Isn't Jetpacks. You Know We Know sounds like Echo and The Bunnymen, Rings Around you is more Stevie Nicks era Fleetwood Mac, No Rules Yet has that lush sound of Camera Obscura. And finally Same Old Shoes is a bit of a slow build up which could go down a treat when the play live.

Their MySpace page if you're into that sort of thing is here or for their own website click here and they'll see I'm sending traffic their way.

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