Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My latest comment

Over at Labour List, Will Straw talks about them handing out lists of members of the public's phone numbers to unsuspecting members of the public.
The Labour Party announced last week that it was adopting one of the most successful techniques used by the Obama campaign in the American election. Throughout both the primary and general election, Obama supporters anywhere in the U.S. could log onto his website and download a list of voters' names and telephone numbers. From the comfort of their own home, they could then set about the most important task in any campaign: persuading people to vote.

The creation of Labour's online virtual phone bank is an important development and shows that the Party is both learning from Obama's extraordinary success and also examining its own culture. Unlike a command and control approach to canvassing where door-to-door trips or evening telephone blitzes are organized by the local constituency party, online canvassing means that anyone can get involved.

My comment:-
At least when the government and its agencies lose our personal information, discs getting lost in transit of left on trains, at least then we accept its an accident, a mistake.

But here's the Labour Party dishing our phone numbers on purpose for their own gain. That's so wrong. Can we somehow set fire to them and make them stop all this? Or is changing your phone number every two months going to become the norm?

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