Monday, 9 February 2009


Warm fuzzy feelings in the bottom of my tummy as I discover the Derek Draper who runs the Labour Party website Labourist, is now following me on Twitter. Its nice that he takes an interest in me and my little world.

No direct messages or replies to me seeking advice on making lemon icing or moaning about my life yet, but its nice to know he's taking an interest. And the 1,800 other people he's taking an interest in. I can't even imagine how you'd stay on top of following so many people, monkeyspheres and all that.

I see myself a regular commenter on his website, so its kind of neat that he get's web2.0.

I'm not going to follow him in return though, cos the vast majority of his tweets are just links to other sites and he's a bit of a tit.

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