Thursday, 26 February 2009

Money Saving Idea #1 Grow your own garlic week 3

Garlic 26-FEB-2009
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Its Thursday, so its time for another gardening update.

This is the wee chap on my windowsill, I shall call him Darren, he is my imaginary son. He's garlic, but I still love him.

The way he pokes his wee leaf out, its so cute.

I've decided to grow him a family of other plants so he doesn't get lonely, you know, to give him people to play with.

This is the sweet peppers I'm growing from seed. I made these stuffed peppers yesterday and wondered what would happen if I planted a load of the seeds in one pot. I hope they take.

This is Sharon, she's also garlic, Darren's sister I guess, she's not as grown up as Darren. I hope she takes as well as her brother has.

These are the twins, they're the same age as Sharon. They don't have names yet. I'm growing them on the other side of the yard, I dunno how much sunshine they'll get there, but other plants seem to grow, so they should be okay.

This is my potato trough. There are two potatos buried in there, Neil and Andy, I've named them after my old scout leaders. They've been growing for about two weeks now. I wasn't sure if they'd take or not cos I just planted them cos they were growing rooty bits in the fridge. To check, I dug up Neil.
He seems like a happy potato.

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