Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I'm in Starbucks. Cappucino, chocolate cake, rather drained.

I ran out of petrol in Hampstead and had to push my car to a parking space before wandering a mile towards Belsize to find a petrol station. Can of petrol long walk back to car, crisis over.

The Just Joans always make me think of this girl I used to know. Their first ever gig when it was just Dave and just Chris, we went there together. There's a video on YouTube and bootleg of the show I can still hear her in the audience when the tracks come on random.

The first Just Joans EP on WeePop had a track called Bellshill station about a girl left in Scotland whilst her boyfriend went away to London. It was the other way round for me and her. But the track encapsulates the sentiment perfectly.

A year later, I headed to London myself, but we were too far apart. I'm not the most gregarious of people, I'm crap at staying in touch. But with her I made a conscious effort not to, what right would I have to call her up or send a text, to stride back into her life regardless of what she was doing. On the latest Just Joans EP Love and Other Hideous Accidents there's a track called Let's Not Stay In Touch, I think its the same sentiment.

We saw each other once or twice, but that was it.

We never hung out in London, we never went to the pub or chilled in a park in the sunshine. We never watched DVDs together, falling asleep on my settee. We never saw each other in a club and got hideously drunk. We never plotted and schemed, and went crazy, the regular poker and scrabble nights never happened. We never bumped into each other in the street or Tesco and shared a lift home. We never borrowed tupperware or swapped recipes. We were never just in the neighbourhood and popped in for a brew. I never said goodbye.

I'm going to miss the remote chance of any of that happening. We're in different cities now.

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