Monday, 16 February 2009

Free money

If HBOS needed £17 billion of taxpayers money to stay in business, how come it can afford to hand out £5 a month to current account holders?

That £5 was taken from me my pain of imprisonment, and now it's just being handed out as a marketing ploy to people who made the mistake of investing their money in a failed bank?

I want my money back.

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  1. it's £5/month and it's probably a darn sight cheaper than their previous scheme, whereby they paid 1% of debit card transactions as 'cash-back'. I was paying my mortgage and cc bills by debit card and making a tidy sum. Now all I get is £60/year. Interestingly A&L are paying £100 to switch to them and so are HBOS. I could bounce between them and make another tidy sum...


  2. HBOS are also now charging you £1 for every day you're in overdraft and £2 for every day you're in overdraft over your agreed limit. It makes fee calculations easier and has a curious incentive to minimise my inclination to let a small overdraft persist.

    Damn these clever bankers.

  3. I'm quite upset about the £5 they're handing out to those who bank more than £1000 a month, considering they're taking unnecessary charges off me when I clearly can't afford to lose money. I think it's somewhat of a slap in the face considering I've been banking there for 12 years, but can't quite afford to deposit £1000 a month. Mind you, they're handing over £60 a year to people who are obviously likely to earn over £12,000 a year - do they care? What's a fiver a month to someone on a steady wage? £60 a year is LESS than what they charged me in a single day for three direct debits pushing me over my overdraft limit, plus the charge for going over my overdraft limit (totalling £68 within three hours) even though the reason for the money not being in was a delayed standing order.

    I'm so done with HBOS. I'd move to RBS if I thought they'd be any less incompetent.