Friday, 6 February 2009


I've been sat here for about twenty minutes trying to think of something optimistic to write about. Just something to point at when people complain my blog is boring or depressing, so I can say no its not, besides no one reads the happy stuff.

'Here' is the cafe in Borders, with a cappucino whilst I wait for my on street parking to be free.

Why twenty minutes? Well, I blame this damned Acer Aspire One laptop running linpus, cos its just taken twenty minutes to boot up. It just sits on this blue Aspire screen, the wee hard disk light flickering away. I tried rebooting, I tried opening and closing and pinging the battery, but not it just sits at its blue Aspire screen.

I hate this netbook so much. Usually I'd chuck the thinking out of a window or lose it in a cupboard, but no, its just about functional enough for my needs so I keep it in my bag, whip it out in Borders and get frustrated.

Why not take it back to the shop and complain and swap it for a different brand? You seem to have me confused with someone else, who do you have confused with? Someone who takes things back to shops?

No, I'm going to complain right here, and to anyone who mentions Acer netbooks, and on any online forum I stumble across where the discourse covers 'what netbook should I buy?'

What's wrong with it? What's it doing? Booting up shouldn't take this long. Is it in some kind of sleep mode? With the screen fully on and burning up blue pixels. Is it defragmenting itself or other untangling its nether regions? Virus scanning maybe? God knows.

I'm supposed to be an expert in this sort of thing, computers. I had a CPC at age five and a B20 to play rats on. I was putting together PCs in the eighties and never had this hassle with MS DOS. I still know my way through autoexec.bat and config.sys files, but what the hell is wrong with this netbook?

Oh, its sorted itself.

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