Monday, 16 February 2009

Song identifying

Can someone identify this song please?


It seems to be a Scottish number about signing on the dole, and its quite amusing. I think its oldish, no more than fifteen years ago, a little Half Man Half Biscuit-ish, but god knows who it is and how it got onto my computer.

Hmm, I think they're Rangers supporters.


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  1. It's Mark Rafferty, I used to have his album, called Mark Rafferty's Classics or something, but I lost it somewhere, I think Natalie might have a copy. It was brilliant. There was also a song about some shit St Mirren player who was the manager's nephew, Alec Bowen. It went, "Alec, Alec Bowen, you're such a fucking stumbling don-keee" to the tune of somethin' stupid. There was also a good ode to Ice Dragon.
    I also lost that along with a good CD by Tom Snowball! Sob!