Friday, 27 February 2009

Define Pop

Not quite sure who's got me onto the Spotify thing, its like the 21st century's answer to Napster I guess. Crikey, was that a century ago?

Anyhoo, we're a day into London's Popfest, where loads of indiepop bands are playing. Its a small niche genre, with only a handful of fans gathered under a word that has pop in it.

Lets do some cross validation, and make of it what you will. Below is a list of bands/acts/artists playing the London Popfest and how many of their tracks appear on Spotify.
  • Comet Gain (29)
  • Another Sunny Day (1)
  • The Hit Parade (1)
  • Action Biker (nil)
  • Allo, Darlin’ (nil)
  • Betty and the Werewolves (nil)
  • Gregory Webster (nil)
  • Harvey Williams (nil)
  • Help Stamp Out Loneliness (nil)
  • Julian Henry (nil)
  • Let’s Whisper (nil)
  • Liechtenstein (nil)
  • The Loves (nil)
  • The Middle Ones (nil)
  • Milky Wimpshake (nil)
  • Pelle Carlberg (nil)
  • The Pete Green Corporate Juggernaut (nil)
  • Pocketbooks (nil)
  • The Razorcuts (nil)
  • The School (nil)
  • The Smittens (nil)
  • Tender Trap (nil)
  • Town Bike (nil)
  • Zipper (nil)

Over here, Spotify have a blogpost about what to do if they don't have anything by your favourite artist.


  1. Spotify - they were on the News last night?

  2. Possibly, everyone's talking about it.

    Kind of sad its just a wee degree different to the streaming from or We7