Monday, 23 February 2009

The Just Joans - Love and Other Hideous Accidents - a review

Just received the new Just Joans EP from WeePop!

Its ace.


The 'If You Don't Pull' track that I've been raving about for months and months since I heard it last summer, it sounds too much like it was recorded by the 2007 Just Joans, rather than the 2008 live experience or whatever disillusion I have of them in my head. The track needs a beefier chorus, the backing vocals need more more.

Here, I've found a poor quality playback of it on YouTube, worth a listen if you really need to hear it.

Hey, that video's got the same cat as the old System Error video

Anyhoo, Row and Katie do a fine job on the chorus, but they're too sweet. It needs a choir, here, check out these choirs, pick one, any one, and imagine if they were singing the 'If you don't pull, Then you'll have to walk home on your own..." refrain.

The Parsonage
The Choir With No Name

Being a DIY kind of chap myself, I could probably record myself a remix with me doing a multi-tracked chorus as I prescribe.

...what do you know, the old trick of using headphones as a microphone doesn't work with Apple iPod headphones, or any of the in-ear headsets that come with mobile phones these days. What happened to make modern technology so difficult to hack?

So I go though my old gig kit, I've got dozens of proper microphones, but no XLR to 3.5mm cabley connectory things. I did however discover a Zoom Multitrack digital recorder which I swear I've never seen before in my life. I had an old cassette fourtrack, back in the day, but that's away now. No microphone solution there.

Success however lies in my Blackberry's voice note app. Maybe not quite good enough for a proper musical recording, but hey, it's up to my usual standard of recording quality...

Hmm, actually, I think it's a regular C-F-C-G type thing with Am noodles, I could rustle up my own cover as soon as I can memorise the secod verse.

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