Monday, 23 February 2009


I'm in Starbucks in Borders at Brent Cross, I come here every morning to avoid a £120 fine for parking outside my flat. The £2.35 a day for cappucino is more agreeable that subbing Camden Council.

The service here is lovely, the serving women recognise me now, the smile of recognition is better than any chocolate sprinkle. Although there was a wee moment of awkwardness last week. I'd had one or two coffees at home on the Thursday morning and I feared over doing it on the caffine, so as I queued and gazed at the price board, the resolved to have a hot chocolate. The cute blonde serving smiled at me, "cappucino sir?" She ventured, "erm, no actually..." She flushed a little and my, did I feel awkward.

Today they are giving away bags of Fairtrade ground coffee, Cafe Estima Blend, it smells nice.

Hmm, is Fairtrade a brand unto itself, or an econo-political concept?

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  1. Round our way the restricted parking hours are between 10am and noon on weekdays, when I had a job that was fine, but just in case I had a parking permit for about £37.

    The permit's run out now, but one day a few weeks before it ran out, the parking restrictions were suspended cos a neighbour was moving house and the removal vans needed somewhere to park. The traffic warden slapped a ticket on my car and cos I procrastinated for just a little too long I had to pay the £120 fine.

    I was a little pissed off by this, the council already had my £37 for a permit, and £50 from the removal van company and also my £120 fine, all for the same parking space.

    I don't have a spare £37 to renew my permit and I'm not going to give the council any opportunity to extract more parking money from me.