Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Burning 100 calories / Fun

Over on London Bloggers, there's a competition sponsored by Bacardi Breezer 100. Its this new version of Bacardi Breezer with only 100 calories per bottle. The competition is to answer the following question:-
Bacardi Breezer 100 calories has just that, 100 calories. The most fun I’ve ever had burning off 100 calories is…

So, just what is 100 calories, what does it look like, what does it feel like? Well, using the magical power of the internet we can scrape together the following table.
Activity Calories per hour Time for 100 calories
Running 800 8
Rock climbing 748 8
Jogging 390 15
Fishing 204 29
Sex 102 59
Sitting at computer 91 66
Eating Celery 90 67
Ironing 90 67
Sleeping 61 98

A few caveats are required.
  • That figure for running, it depends how fast you're running, a full out 100m sprint uses around 1000 calories per hour, but you can only keep it up for a minute or so, and a more gentle running only takes 500 calories per hour.
  • There's much discussion online about eating celery, eating is about 110 calories per hour, and each stick of celery provides about 1 calory, I reckon in an hour you can eat maybe fifteen sticks before being 'full.
  • Sex, I dunno, maybe the site I got the stats from was wrong, or does it differently.

So, what is the most fun I personally have had burning 100 calories? I guess that's all in relation to fun. So if we ignore all food (and drink) based enjoyment, and for modesty ignore all sex based fun (thats most nights out and crazy adventures during first few weeks of relationships), my great database of fun activities spews forth this list.
  • Seeing the Boo Radleys Manchester Academy 1995
  • Running 10K in 35 minutes 2008
  • Paintball with Scouts 1993
  • Outdoory things at Patterdale Hall 1995
  • Expeditions round the Lake District 1996
  • Gigs with Deep Fried Wolfknuckles 2007

Actually I think I ended up quite drunk at the Boo Radleys show and the Wolfknuckles gigs, so I can't count them. The Running 10K thing was fun, exhilarating even, but well, on refection, it was a little boring. Patterdale Hall and Lake District stuff spans too wide a period, so I think the most fun I had was the paintball thing in Stockport with Scouts in 1993, I guess 10 minutes of that would kind of count as the most fun I've had burning 100 calories.

Hmph, there's got to be more fun things I've done which didn't involve booze or food.

Think, think, think.

Maybe I should try sky diving or go bungee jumping, is there still time? Does being in free fall even burn up calories?


  1. Not drinking the Bacardi Breezer would save you 100 calories and then you wouldn't need to burn them off. It would also be less unpleasant.

  2. But if I say nice things about Bacardi Breezers then I reckon I stand a better chance of winning £150 of House of Fraser vouchers, which given my current finances, might be very useful.

    They've got a food hall, right?