Saturday, 1 November 2008


Hmph, this is bad, my steppenwolf-ish isolated lifestyle has made me incapable of understanding the basic concepts of networked computing. I'd like to blame the first girl to dump me, but its probably not her, its me.

I have before me three computers (laptop, desktop1, desktop2) running five operating systems between them.
XP (laptop, desktop1, desktop2)
Ubuntu desktop (laptop)
Ubuntu server (desktop2)
Right now I'm typing on my laptop thats running Ubuntu desktop because when I used XP after fifteen minutes the internal speaker plays a weird beepy tune and then the whole thing shuts down.

I have my manufacturing database which is currently only used by me, but backed up daily on an SD card and other places. The manufacturing database is in OpenOffice Base 2.3 format.

I have installed OpenOffice 2.4 on my laptop in Ubuntu and on desktop1 in XP

I have also copied the manufacturing database into the shared folder on desktop1 and can somehow access it there from my laptop in Ubuntu, but its read only.

The whole shared directory version of the database was the idea of a chap downstairs, it never really occurred to me to do it that way. But it kind of works, now I just need to install OpenOffice onto a few other computers so that other folk can access it.

Other information that may be helpful is that the database is about 2mb right now, doubling every six months

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