Saturday, 1 November 2008

From whence they came

Another evening in after a punishing day at work, sobbing myself to sleep, unsure what day it is.

I tried shopping, Chris needs new shoes, so I tried Brent Cross, but after all these years, I'm unable to do shopping.

Sure, Zee tried to get me into it, Mop too, and I probably went shopping with Rachel once or twice, but on my own, I cn't do it.

It must have been about a year ago that I did my last clothes shopping adventure, I got a four pack of identical shirts (blue, too small) and a pair of jeans that were both not long enough and too tight.

My boots died last week, and I realised I have only one pair of shoes. I have running shoes, but they're essentially socks with soles, and no good for wearing in non-running environments. I need sweatpants too and possibly a hoodie of some description.

Anyhoo, tonight is a night for hiding in my room (again?), there are no gigs to go to and I has teh fear too much for Crimes Again Pop. My plan is to draw a load of nuddy pics, only 59 left, and also I saw this blog, it pops up from time to time whenever I search for owt on Hypem, from what I gather its just a list of links to various MP3s on the internet. I want to do one of those too.

Will try below, and also include reasons why.

Manda Rin - Less than Zero - The Never Mind the Buzzcocks affair
Built to Spill - Broken Chairs - Something on a Facebook newsfeed
Built to Spill - Liar - as previous

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